•  Your gift of just $25 or more will sponsor a tree or trees for the burn scar area. Click here for donation of green trees to RESTORE hope to the community.


  • Your donation can bring a tree to tomorrow and all of the tomorrows to come.


  • Black Forest has been there from the beginning, helping the community RECOVER, REBUILD, and RESTORE. Join us as we continue RESTORATION by planting trees throughout the community.


Did you know?


  • over 500 structures and 14,000 acres were lost during the fire


  • Average homeowner affected by the fire was displaced for over a year


  • Insurance covers tree replacement up to 3-5% of the home's value. For most cases, that amounted to just a few thousand to replace trees and grass. That doesn't go very far!


"Over the course of 50 years, a single tree can generate $31,250 of oxygen, provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control, recycle $37,500 worth of water, and control $31,500 worth of soil erosion.

    - Arbor Day Foundation




Contact us for more information:


Phone: 719-495-2445

11460 Black Forest Together/Colorado Springs, CO/80908

Black Forest Together (BFT) is a registered 501(c ) 3 charitable organization established by local residents to assist victims of the 2013 Black Forest Fire.